Friday, April 5, 2013

Pink Prep

Hey Everyone! So I am going to a wedding- I LOVE weddings! This one is extra special because I am a bridesmaid, so this outfit is just for the rehearsal dinner. I absolutely LOVE spring weddings, and I am so excited for tonight- it will be so beautiful! Hope you all enjoy this post:)
xoxo, Tay

Dress- Forever 21
Shoes- Nordstrom
Earrings- Oscar De La Renta
Watch- Urban Outfitters



  1. OMG u r beautiful..!! and I love those earrings..
    Wanna Follow each other?? Lemme know and visit my blog... c ya :)

    1. Thank you SO much! You just made my day:) And I'll definitely check out your blog- thanks so much for your support!
      xoxo, Tay