Monday, January 16, 2012

Leggings! (and leg warmers, and socks, oh my!)

Hey Everyone!So I thought that I'd take a quick break from writing a paper to talk about one of my latest obsessions: leggings and leg warmers and socks galore! I just love the look of lots of layers of clothing! A cute longsleeve mini dress, a pair of black leggings, some white over the knee socks, a pair of black boots and some black legwarmers sticking out the top= PERFECTION! My mom's stylist always dresses like that, and I think that it is the perfect winter outfit. You are comfy, warm, and most importantly CUTE! Haha I definately think that everyone should try out this trend at least once to see how it looks on you... send pics my way to and I will have pics of my own to come!
xoxo, Tay


  1. I love this trend as well, anything layered I love right now! It effortless, looks cute and especially you are warm!

    1. Yes! It is such a great trend and you are SO warm! haha:)